culture physique: ignacio torres

Bodybuilder Ignacio Torres (porn model with the name Alejandro de la Guardia or Macho Nacho), is born April 1984 in Montevideo, Uruguay; started modeling about 13 and practicing kickboxing and bodybuilding at 15. He has been working as a security guard in discos for years, got married and had his first daughter at 18. Ignacio has been Junior Champion in Uruguay and Argentina, 2007 Mr. Intercontinental in Ecuador, in 2008 won the Musclemania Worlds contest (middle-weight category); in 2010 did his professional bodybuilding debut, was 6th at the South American Amateur Championships IFBB and 7th at the World Championships WBFF. From 2006 to 2009 he has worked in the gay porn industry in muscle, soft porn "solo" videos and live web shows with Dynamite Studios (MuscleHunks and PowerMen) and Vin Marco's Manifest Men. Actually he lives with the family in Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay, and works in his own gym coaching a team of Uruguayan bodybuilders and athletes from South America, U.S.A and Europe; he also writes about nutrition and work outs for different fitness magazines and websites.

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