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サトちゃん(^ω^ (Sato-cyan).


What to do with a drunken sailor early in the morning... Who knows.

Two nearly forgotten pieces of gay culture come together here. The song is from the mysterious Camp records, which put out a series of gay-themed novelty songs in the 1960s. The video comes from the beefcake short "Room For One More."

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Indirect blacks.

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Dmitriy Orlandus is an amateur photographer from Moscow, Russia.



James Childs has studied at the N.Y. Academy of Art and at the Atelier 63 in Haarlem, Holland, in 1970 received his B.F.A. from The Minneapolis College of Art and Design; the Greek aesthetic informs his personal ideal and since moving to New York in 1987, Childs has dedicated his art to the society portraiture. He has taught for the past ten years at his private atelier The Drawing Academy of the Atlantic. His work has been exhibited in New York, London, Washington and is collected by private and museum collections in Washington, Italy, Great Britain, Athens, Boston.in the foyer of the galleries of The Cultural Organization of the City of Athens during the Olympic Games in August of 2004. http://www.jameschilds.com/


Calories burned during sex:

Removing his clothes:
With his consent: 12 Calories
Without his consent: 2,187 Calories

Slipping off his boxers:
With both hands: 8 Calories

With one hand: 12 Calories
With your teeth: 485
Putting on a condom:
With an erection: 6 Calories

Without an erection: 3,315
Missionary: 12 Calorie
9 lying down: 78 Calories
69 standing up: 812 Calories

Wheelbarrow: 216 Calories
Doggy Style: 326
Chandelier: 2,912 Calories
Real: 112 Calories

Fake: 1,315
Post orgasm:
Lying in bed hugging: 18 Calories

Getting up immediately: 36 Calories

Explaining why you got out of bed immediately: 816 Calories
Getting a second erection:
If you are:
20-29 years: 36 Calories
30-39 years: 80 Calories

40-49 years: 124 Calories

50-59 years: 1,972 Calories

60-69 years: 7,916 Calories

70 and over: Results are still pending

Dressing afterwards:
Calmly: 32 Calories

In a hurry: 98 Calories

With his wife knocking at the door: 5,218 Calories

With your partner knocking at the door: 13,521 Calories