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Jorge Funes continues answering the intimate questions of his lover Pedro with his romance with Eduardo and his first time; is it only sex between Aldo and skeptical Horacio? 



vintage (beauty)

 Sitting bear.



By Andy Dell.


comics and illustrations

The famous Israeli illustrator David Kawena has drew Walt Disney's characters as strippers in sexy poses. He takes pictures of models as heroes or princesses then uses a mixed techique of pencil and Photoshop. 

The art name David Kawena is taken from on of Lilo & Stitch characters. He is 28 y.o. and actually lives in England.



This ad was used in French magazines in 2002 but rejected almost everywhere else. The campaign was created by Tom Ford, the model was the champion in martial arts Samuel De Cubber.



Patrick Earl Hammie is an American painter born in New Haven, Connecticut, in 1981 where he graduated from  West Haven High School in 1999; in 2004 Hammie earned his Bachelor of Arts from Coker College in South Carolina. In 2008 he earned his Master of Fine Arts in Painting from the University of Connecticut. His paintings explore the tension between power and vulnerability and examines how male artists have historically represented themselves and the nude; he has situated himself in the discourse of contemporary art that questions constructions of identity and gender politics. Since 2007 Hammie has been featured in several solo and group exhibitions in the U.S. and abroad.These paintings are from the project "Equivalent Exchange".