history of male nude photography 173


Dianora Niccolini was born October 1936 in Florence, Italy, is widely considered to be one of the female pioneers in the photography of the male nude. She was President of PWP Professional Women Photographers from 1979 until 1984. Niccolini's work has had multiple gallery showings and been published in many magazines and over twenty anthologies. Although Niccolini's specialty was in photographing the male nude, this was a style relegated to homosexual circles and was considered taboo at the time. In 1975, however, the Third Eye Gallery in New York gave Niccolini a solo exhibition. This was the first gallery exhibit of male nudes by anyone, and is thought to have legitimized and de-stigmatized the male nude in the art community. 

In early 2005, Niccolini began working with Mega Muscle Productions, a publisher of images of male fitness models. In 2011, the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts in Tampa, Florida, mounted a solo exhibition of Niccolini's photography.