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Roy Dean has mostly worked in color photography, while other photographers were producing images in black & white only. He was truly a master in color prints. His best shots feature young, handsome, and very muscular men, many were former Colt Studio models. Roy Dean, born in 1925 in Kent, UK, was multi-talented as a sportsman (winning as a swinner many titles in England), stage designer, writer of TV dramas, actor and photographer; he started his career in the theatre in New York in the 50's, appeared in many Broadway productions ("King Lear" with Orson Welles), in many films, including famous "My Fair Lady" and "The Music Man", and numerous TV series. Later (60's and 70's) became a photographer and a pioneer in the male nude. Roy has died in 2002 in Palm Springs, California. (Thanks to Black Muscle 1940-1980).(manuel perry, mr usa 1976, mr america, tall, 1977 and 1978):

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Maybe he is a bit crazy but, guys, what a photographer... Greg Endries is a New York based photographer specializing in fashion, editorial, and advertising photography. His work has been exhibited and published internationally, in magazines like GQ, Elle, Black Book, Flaunt, Marie Claire, InStyle among others and a number of gay mags as Greg Thompson (see 9.22.11).




A new opportunity to admire once more the art of George Quaintance is the 2012 wall calendar. George Quaintance (see 7.24.11) was an artist ahead of his time, a man who forged several successful careers, yet never enjoyed mainstream fame. Quaintance, born in 1902 and died in 1957, lived and worked during an era when homosexuality was repressed, when his joyful paintings and his high-camp erotic art only existed in a demi-monde of borderline legality. Published by Taschen on August 2011, "Cowboys and Other Gods" has 28 pages, 19,4x13,9 inches, $ 24.99. Buy it at Amazon at the end of the page.