Daniel Nassoy is a photographer with a passion for nature, men and Paris. Elements that are often represented in his work. When asked about how to describe his art, Daniel summarizes it with one word: escape. It doesn’t matter if it is flowers, gardens, architecture or male nudes, the creation of his photographs marks Daniel’s search for evasion. Daniel Nassoy’s Saint Sebastian series is a collection of portraits of several Parisian men, wrapped in or binded by a rope that seems to represent that generations old struggle of sexual freedom and the right to express yourself. The choice of his signature color, red on black and white, enforces the strength and drama in these beautifully crafted images. Following the heritage of so many masters in the art immortalizing the legacy of Saint Sebastian, Daniel Nassoy has definitely earned his place in the long list of artists who found inspiration in the sufferings of the legendary martyr.

(Thanks to Beautiful Mag). July 2011.


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