Where many photographers prefer shooting indoors, Kurt Brown feels more at ease working with natural light. For his book Earthly Beauty, Kurt ventured out into the extensive California nature and placed his models against backdrops of breathless landscapes. His men are among the most beautiful in the world, but often used by Kurt only secondary in his portraits. Kurt’s Earthly Beauty is first and foremost a homage to all the exquisiteness Earth has to offer, including the beauty of men. It is also a respectful declaration of nature’s domination over mankind. Overpowering rock formations, ferocious shorelines and serene water streams,  all was there before mankind, and all will be there long after we will be gone. Kurt Brown’s models seem to integrate in the stunning Californian landscapes as seamless as possible. Like they are part of that thousands years old rock plateau or brought forth by a glass-like body of water. Through beauty, Kurt Brown brings men back to the origin and proofs once more that nature and men are an entity. To where it all began. And by doing so he created a book that, much like the natural settings he choose, is unique in its kind. 
(Thanks to Beautiful Mag).

Earthly Beauty comes as a full color page book published August 2011 by Bruno Gmunder Verlag. 96 pages, 26x34 cm, 10.25x13.5 inch, 39.95 €.


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