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In "Back soon" director Rob Williams explores the attraction between two straight men who unexpectedly fall in love. Logan is mourning the loss of his wife Adrienne and wants to sell their home, every room has painful memories of their life together. Matthew, a gay reformed drug dealer who has suffered a near-death experience, decides to purchase it. The two men become friendly and hang out together a lot. They share a strange connection but we don't know what it is yet. One night, Logan's car breaks down and he spends the night on Guillermo's couch. Logan dreams that his wife is inviting him to their former bedroom and stumbles into Guillermo's bed. But, rather than kick Logan out of the room, Guillermo returns his kiss and they make love. The next morning Logan doesn't want to talk about it and flees. Logan returns a few days later with a pizza and, in perhaps the film's best scene, they sit on opposite ends of Guillermo's couch and awkwardly try to figure out what's going on. "It was weird, but... good, wasn't it?" Logan asks. "Why don't we just eat," Guillermo finally says, "and see what happens." Oddly enough, love blossoms between them but then the film takes a really weird turn at Alburquerque for its last act, entering the realms of the spiritual and the metaphysical as we learn the real reason for their attraction. Do you remember "Ghost"?. Director and actors try to make it works and we appreciate their effort. Yet "Back soon" is a very nicely acted and filmed, the two leads are terrific together; they beautifully conveyed their confusion, their awkwardness, and finally their complete surrender to the situation that they have found themselves in. You will be charmed by watching these two attractive men fall believably in love. "Back soon" has been produced by TLA Releasing in 2007 and won the Alternative Spirit Award Grand Prize for best GLBT film at the 2007 Rhode Island International Film Festival; other films directed by Rob Williams are famous "Long-term relationship", "3-day weekend", "Role/Play". (Thanks to Michael D. Klemm).

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